Solid Backup - Airtable local backup tool - Anybody heard of it?

Just happened to come across this when looking for some updates on how to download images in bulk in Airtable. This looks quite interesting but I can’t buy it from my Apple App store. It looks only available in the US Apple app store?

Any experience?

Thanks for posting this! It looks like what I’ve been wanting. Obviously I have no experience with it but I may just give a whirl. Have you tried it?

The issue is I can’t even purchase it even if I wanted it. It’s not available to purchase to non-US Apple App Store users. I would have to register US Apple account and they asking now for phone number and whole nine yards. I emailed the author of the app asking if there was a free trial but have not received a response yet. I emailed him also asking to understand how is the backup stored, is it stored in a readable format like CSV and attachments in individual folders or is it a database etc…

However, since it’s on Apple store, it should not be an issue with requesting Apple a refund if it doesn’t work. Right?


We have an Airtable backups app - On2Air Backups - that will export your attachments into Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.

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