[SOLVED] Ability to create graphs, charts, maps from data in Airtable database


I am interested in linking my Airtable data to create graphs, charts or maps without having to export to Excel. Are there any existing apps I can link to for this feature? If not, I’d like to see it as a future feature.

Keep up the great work. Really enjoying using Airtable. Thank you!


Google Data Studio connector for Airtable
Two-Sided Gallery and Kanban View "Cards"

I vote for this one too. I have data in tables that I would love to be able to turn into charts and graphs so that I can show change over time or ratio between data values and all kinds of other analyses.

I would even be glad to help test such a feature.


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Same here, I’d really love it if we could have this feature, maybe like a d3 type of library or even if it’s one like Medium charts/graphs, that would be awesome!

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I love Airtable and see a big potential. Fully agree, that charts are needed.
In-cell bar charts and conditional formatting would be a great first step towards better analytical functions.



Completely agree. This is the one thing that is preventing me from switching to Air Table from using Numbers on Mac.



Any plans on this? Looking for a pie chart…

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I would also love to have access to charts and graphs that generate directly from airtable databases! It would really make me so so happy.

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I would like this too. Maybe this could be a view?



I’d love to see the ability to make a timeline as my project is to make a timeline of a trip with photos at each location.

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I’d like this too. Otherwise it means I have duplicate data to get a graph and a table of the data in the graph



I’d like to add the ability to plot a point using x,y coordinates! That would be absolutely fantastic.



The tagline for Airtable is “Spreadsheet, meet database” and one thing we still need spreadsheet applications like Excel and Numbers for is creating these visualisations.

+1 for this to be worked up in a future beta please. :smiley:



@Gwen_Corey A Location data type might help with an interactive map of a trip with photos. :thumbsup:



It seems like this is mostly a new feature request, so I don’t know how helpful this comment will be.

But for those of you that have an affinity for front-end web dev: you can fetch data from Airtable using their API and display it using chart.js or another similar javascript library.

Here’s a working example: https://airtable-chartjs-binarygourmet.c9users.io/chartjs/

And here’s the tutorial that explains how to do it: http://www.automationfuel.com/airtable-api-example-tutorial/

Full disclosure: I wrote the above tutorial because I saw this thread and wanted to give the project a try for fun.



The API’s are great. Charts, Graphs and Maps while great are not what airtable’s core value is. IAirtable a backend and you can use the data in other frontends and visualization tools. That said they impressed me whan I asked for a Kanban view just a few months ago they added gallery and the kanban soon after. so there might be more front end views in store. I use airtable with Cyfe for visualizations, there are other options as well if you don;t know programming.



+1 for built in visualizations: pies, scatters, bars, lines, etc.

I’ve been trying plot.ly, which is pretty compelling, and have considered excel or numbers, but haven’t been able to streamline the process more than exporting and importing a .csv from Airtable.
Can anybody provide a simple tutorial for a non-developer on any solutions that would eliminate the inefficiency of importing/exporting data and allow a dashboard of specified charts to auto-update as Airtable data updates?

Thanks very much.



Charts/graphs are something I’d definitely love to see in Airtable - I think they’d fit most naturally in their own View, with the ability to create Kanban-like “cards” that draw from specific views in tables. E.g., a scatter plot based on two selected columns, or a histogram of frequencies of entries in a single/multiple-select field. The Lat/Long data type plotted on a map would be an extension of this, and makes me think a natural extension would be to select colors and marker shapes based on other field values for the same points. Airtable could become an invaluable tool for data visualization with something like this added in.

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Yep! The Data-Extrakt work fully automatet. We are thinkung of using the Product for our Sales Team, but without BI we can not manage…



A automatet Data-Extrakt would be so nice. We would love to use the Product for our Sales-Team, but we need BI to work alongside… we tried the Jason API in combination with Power BI but got only 100 Records. Problem is: we need 24k Records in one Base :wink: Keep up the good work!



Making the assumption that a starting point could be the creation of charts as views for a table…

How about the ability to create Dashboard views with, potentially, multiple views on a single page linked to different tables/views in the base. It would be quite normal for a dashboard to provide data from more than one table and so I would prefer these visualisations to be available outside the normal table based menu structure.

If it can only be done as a view associated with a table that would be a huge step from where we are though!