[SOLVED] Add Conditional Logic to Form Views

Being able to hide/show fields in the form view based on the values of fields higher up in the form could be extremely valuable.

For instance, if using Airtable to keep track of leads, one might have a Single Select field with the following options:


  • No Relationship
  • Met at a conference
  • Contacted through website

If “Met at a conference” is selected, it would be valuable to collect information about that conference in a conference field, but it wouldn’t make sense to capture that info for any of the other options in the relationship field.


I think this is a great idea, I can see a lot of uses for something like this. it would help to minimize the number of fields visible on a form to only those that are relevant to the person filling it out instead of having to input guidance instructions like "only fill this out if you answered ‘yes’ to question 4 above.


I’m very interesting in this option. I need it in my forms. :relaxed:


I would use this in my forms as well!


Yes this would be extremely useful.
Please also consider a feature for adding categories to single or multiple select fields directly from the form.
For example, one might be adding records of interactions with customers, and some employee might meet with a new customer, not currently on the list.
Having the add feature would allow the data to be organized, yet the form flexible to meet the organization´s needs.


Much needed feature! I hate having to use JotForm to collect form submissions to my Airtable Bases.

Fingers crossed this comes sooner than later…


I too would like to see this feature.

In my first use case I have a similar but different issue.

I have a form in which the user selects a value from a column that links to another table. I want to filter the choices that display based on the value of a different column in the linked table i.e. if the record has a status of ‘Open’ it will surface on the form, if the record has a status of ‘Closed’ it will not.


+1 - Love this idea!

We have a super advanced conditional logic form via a third party provider and if our data was able to go to airtable straight away, we’d use your forms so much more…helping us get ever more dependent on your product. :wink:


Agree. This is huge. AirTable is a non-starter as an alternative to other systems I’ve implemented until features such as this (and field validation) are available.


This would be an awesome addition and allow AirTable to get a solid leg up over Google Forms.


This would be very helpful for the projects I am looking to use airtable for because many people will be filling out forms.


This, this, this!

It would be super helpful to have such ‘Dynamic Filter’.

For my use case especially, I want to use Airtable as an Attendence Register for our retail stores. Having employees be filtered by store (which would be chosen earlier in the form) would make life much easier for those at store level as well as help reduce mistakes.


not only useful, essential for proper forms usage!! +1 <3

a nice answer from the team would be awesome too ^^


I made this request via online chat so please add my support for this!

One thing to add is that you could group fields to be triggered by the value of a specific field (like a checkbox or single select field (Yes|No).


This will be a 100% useful feature and many of use is waiting for it to stop using third-party form apps.


###Views and permissions can do both###
For several months now, this request and the one from this link below are pretty much asking the same thing. For our organization and many other real world professional organizations, these features are critical for basic functionality of Airtable.
Do we have a timeline for this update or this will never happen in Airtable ?


This would be a fabulous feature - and I can see it as essential to most Form users’ needs.


Yes, please. I’m building a library and asset tracking system which has different types of assets. Fixed assets and assets that are restricted to lend to only certain teams/projects will appear in the form drop down menu. It would be nice to filter that out so that the forms only show what’s available to the particular group.


yes i need Rules and Conditional Fields too


Just to add as this thought came to me.

Maybe one way to approach this is to base forms off of “grid views”. I can create a specific “Grid View” that has certain filtering. It would be helpful then to be able to create a form based from that “grid view” and the form inherits the conditions. That would be immensely helpful.

For example - say for a library table I have a Standard View (everything) and a “Project X View” where I’ve filtered out everything that Project X can’t borrow (restricted access or otherwise unavailable, lent out, etc.). When I create a form, it asks what view I want to base the form upon. I then “assign” the form to the “Project X View” and then form will then only have selections which adhere to the Project X View filtering. No worries about folks accidentally asking for things they can’t borrow.