[SOLVED] Addresses Link'd to the Maps App


So i tested the Adress feature in the App Update. How come it only does the Link in a long text field? Why does this not work in a single line text field? Maybe i am doing something wrong.
The second question is, how can i use the formula field to add up Colums in wich the adress is broken down:
Column 1, is the street name
Column 2, is the street number
Colum 3, is the Zip
Colum 4, is the City
Id like to add them all up (i have tryed it with: Colum1 & " " & Colum2 … and so forth.
As a result id like the full adress that shows up in the maps app, once its clicked.

Regards, Patrick


Hi @Kasra_Kyanzadeh, could you please help out with this?


Hi Patrick,

Due to technical constraints, the autolinking of urls, addresses, etc only works for long text fields. You’re not doing anything wrong.

For the same reason, the result of a formula field currently doesn’t support autolinking right now, but we’ll see what we can do.




Thank you Kasra

Could i add up the information and pass it into a long text field through a formula field?


That’s an interesting idea, but sadly we don’t support that right now.


Please consider the inclusion of this feature in the future. I too have spreadsheets that need importing bi-annually. These spreadsheets already have the address broken down into 3 fields. I am currently using the formula to CONCATENATE those fields into one address but would greatly appreciate the ability to then click that formula to send to open in maps when out on the road. It takes far too much time to copy and paste the addresses into a new long text field each time I would import the new spreadsheet (with over 500 records).



Perhaps I am missing something. I am reading here where Patrick stated “So i tested the Adress feature in the App Update.” When I click on the address in my long text field (which highlights in blue on my iPhone) it brings up the keyboard for editing, NOT the maps app. Did I do something wrong with the address. Do I need to include something within the address?


Hey Rick,

To open the address in the maps app, long press on the blue address in the text field. This will open a menu that lets you get directions or open in maps. If you have an iPhone 6s, you can also 3D touch on the address to see a map preview.




Awww. Nice! Thanks Kasra, that works real nice.

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