[SOLVED] Automatic sorting in views


I’ve been looking around for auto sort option on Airtable, and very surprise that this features have been requested for…3 years and still not yet resolved. I assume this is not about technical issue because it’s quite easy to do so. Perhaps it’s more about…some other things that Airtable don’t want this? If that the case, then users should have an explanation why…


+1 looking to get involved on this as well


+1 for this feature. @Airtable_Team any idea if/when this will happen?


Has anyone tried IFTT for this? It seems like something that should be able to be accomplished using IFTT and Airtable, but I’m not able to create something. If anyone has it, can they share?


Has this been implemented? Still don’t know how to autosort, and it looks like this request has been open for about 3 years now?


Yikes. All I can say is that the interface, as it is, is beautiful and never ever buggy. That said, 3 years for Auto-Sort? That’s crazy…


Need this badly as my finger is about to wear down with all the clicking back and forth


Yeah, I REALLY need this feature.


Just writing to express yet another person’s need for this feature! It’s very frustrating that it doesn’t auto-sort.


I would love this feature!!


Just want to reiterate a post that probably gets lost in the shuffle up there, and has a helpful little tidbit:

Once you get the hang of using this keyboard shortcut it becomes a bit of a reflex - I’m pretty quick now at hitting cmd+shift+S and then Enter to re-apply my sort after I’ve added new records, or anytime I open up a table and I know it’s been a while since last I sorted it.


Going to see if I can try something that might put Matt’s post at the top of the thread, since it is the best solution for the time being.

To clarify, we (the Airtable team) absolutely agree that this is an important feature and one that a lot of our users could benefit from. While I cannot provide a specific timeline, I can say that auto-sorting is something our team is working on and actively discussing internally.


Thank you @Katherine_Duh. Updates like this really do mean a lot. I can not express how this issue is causing confusion and aggravation when you work with a lot of views. I mean this: to me this is not a Nice To Have solution. I am counting the hours until I see the official update news!!


Thanks @Katherine_Duh for the update! I agree with @Andre_Zijlstra, this bit me yesterday again.

I run a database of events with Airtable. I have ~10 views in which the events are sorted by deadline. Yesterday I added new -and closing soon- events and missed re-applying the sorting to one of the views. Later that day I searched for a while why I wasn’t seeing those entries at the top before I reapplied the sorting out of despair.

In this case, I knew the events should be there, but my users wouldn’t…


Tim, this happens to me in similar situations.
Teammembers would add records in a “raw” form (like concept). Soon after that I will finish all those records that I collect in a RAW view. But every once in a while I forget to sort them (Cntrol/Shift/S) and records seem to be missing. It is really awkward.
Als record are entered double by teammembers because they seem to be missing.


Count us in. We’d love to see automatic sorting. In fact, we find it counter intuitive that you have to sort each time you open a view. This would be a very useful feature.


When we load up a specific view, specifically one where we’ve already pre-determined how we’d like it to be grouped and sorted, it doesn’t make sense why we would have to click the “Sort” button and hit ‘apply’ every time in order to update the sort view.

Can we make this a dynamic process where when the view loads, it automatically looks at the sort and ‘applies’ those settings right away?

Please and Thank you!


Any progress or response on this? Pretty fundamental need and something you would intuitively expect as an option when creating a view. Really could lead to misleading decisions when evaluating data and not remembering to always hit sort after setting a filter, or after adding records.


I would find this very useful as well. If the existing functionality is desired perhaps it could be a checkbox on the sort dialog labelled “auto-sort” or something similar. That way when you create the sort you’d have the option to pick whether you wanted it to be one-time, or ongoing as each record is added.

The way it is currently implemented it is a one-time sort, but with a history of what your previous sort was.


Any updates on this?