SOLVED: Create an Org Chart from Airtable fields


I was wondering if anyone has had experience automating the creation of a dynamic, live Org Chart based upon Airtable data.

I found this but have no idea if it works, what it would look like, or how to implement it.


I’m just starting building an airtable db with org info - thanks for the pointer to the github project - I’ll take a look at and reply again if I can figure it out.


Thanks for chiming in! Have you made any progress with this?


Not yet. I was looking at the Javascript this morning but I’m still in the process of laying out and populating my database tables.


Cool. If you’re in need of any inspiration, regarding fields to include, format, etc. please let me know and I could make a copy of our database and share it with you.


I think the appropriate question would simply be, what do you want it to look like?


That is a great question to ask. In this case, I feel like beggars (me) can’t be choosers! I’d be interested in any kind of standard org chart visualization that could be created from Airtable records. Something that shows managers and team members connected to them in a visual hierarchy would be great.

The particular tool I referenced on github was the only one I could find, which someone seems to have made some progress in developing. If there are any other available solutions out there, I’d love to know about it. Maybe there’s an org chart visualization tool based upon google docs or something, that could easily be tweaked to be used with Airtable? idk! ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Did ya’ll ever figure out a good way to build these?


Our HR team ended up scrapping using airtable for this purpose b/c they couldn’t get the org chart they wanted out of it.

The other downside was that the only way we could offer the org chart/directory to employees was in a “security by obscurity” type of way… meaning we had to create a shareable url that gives them only permission to access a specific view… but the problem is that this link was accessible to anyone who had it! #notgood

I’m hoping Airtable tightens down on their permissioning… and if that happens then I’d love to consider this Org Chart option, if someone comes up with a solution!!


Thanks for the info @Jordan_Dayton!


Hey folks! As part of our newly released Airtable Blocks platform, you can now create an org chart out of the records in one of your tables.

(Please keep in mind that this is designed for hierarchies among like items, i.e., items that would be on the same table, so this block only works with self-linking linked record fields.)

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