[SOLVED] Custom starting # for Auto-Increment Field


I’d like to be able to choose a custom starting number for the auto-incrementing number field - I have existing records that already have a unique ID # associated with them, but they don’t start at 1.


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Autonumber field

Not sure when, or if, they will implement this - but a workaround would be to combine your existing ID #s with an auto number field to generate a new, combined ID# that auto increments.

For example, if you have your existing ID# starting number, let’s say 100 for the example, you would make an auto number field, and then another new formula field which would look something like this:


Which would then create new auto numbers starting at 101.

Or check this thread from a while back for some ideas in the interim:


That I will do. Thanks!


This doesn’t seem like a good solution, though. This results in numbers 1001 through 1009, and then would begin 10010 through 10019, eventually resulting in 100100 through 100199, etc.


It’s not working through concatenation, it’s working through addition. That’s a math equation, not a string equation.



Of course… I’m tired! Thanks!

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