[SOLVED] Display Date Range in Calendar View

I’m really excited about the recently released calendar views. Thank you for including this in AirTable. It really helps to visualize certain data that’s associated with date and time.

That said, I’m curious if you plan on supporting date ranges? My use case is that I track events that are happening in the world, specifically film festivals. I have a table that contains a list of 1200 film festivals and their start and end dates. I’d love to be able to see the ability to create a view that shows the range of dates that the festivals are occurring. Right now I can only choose either the start or end date, which is helpful, but doesn’t show me overlapping dates between the different events.


I’m actually curious about the same thing- It’s a make-it or break-it feature for my circumstances. Not just for film festivals, but multiple-day shoot scheduling, talent availability, post production schedules, etc. Shame it’s not included as of now, because this is a great organizational tool for filmmaking. Would love to see a Google Calendar style calendar pop-up option. Or even a button to click next to a given task or shoot location that opens up the corresponding Google Cal in a new browser tab.


I would love to have this feature too. I run an agency booking acts on cruise ships and it would be helpful to be able to see in the calendar the duration of their cruise instead of the start or end date only.


I heartily agree. Something like the following mockup would be wonderful. Especially considering being able to expose the iCal subscription link! It would allow multi-day events to be easily managed/viewed with Airtable.


Yes yes to all of the above.

+1 for this feature.
It would be helpful, if data from other columns could be integrated to the calendar/iCal feed as well, such as location and notes.

I join the request. Detection of overlapping dates is very helpful for the apartment-booking application!

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I would also find this very useful - the use/case is Leave Management where I would like to show the dates and employee is on leave.

It’d be really helpful if we could have calendar events take on a highlight color and also if you could set a start and end date for an event then have the even show up or span multiple days. l

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I just noticed that this was already requested. It’s probably best if we keep focus on the original request which can be found here: Display Date Range in Calendar View

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Great mock-up of the Calendar View configuring UI, Chester.

I wonder how the calendar view itself would actually appear when there’s multiple overlapping events, including some multi-day, some a single day. Would it create 2 channels per date box: 1 for the multi-day events; 1 for the single day events?

This javascript library is a decent demonstration of how I imagine the UI would display multi-day events.

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+1 Drag edges of calendar item to make it span more than one day… :slight_smile:

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Hi. First post here, and I agree with all of the above. I’m setting up a conference timetable with 1,2 and 3-day events and no matter what qualifiers I add to the calendar view, it’s impossible to tell them apart easily. All anyone tends to see is the start date. It’s a fundamental feature of calendar views to show duration as well as inception.

Something else you see that I haven’t found yet is repeating events - weekly / monthly / annual / every 3rd Tuesday… I’m guessing there’s a thread somewhere that I need to endorse for that too…


+1 Definitely want this option!

Agreed that is a needed feature for calendars.

Oh no! I came looking for a “how to enable this feature” tutorial, and found this thread instead. Viewing a date range seems fundamental to project management, and such a natural fit for a tool like Airtable. I’m very dismayed to find it isn’t possible. This was a major reason I signed up in the first place!

This is a deal-breaker, guys. Please find a way to implement this.


I was considering building out an entire database system for my company. Unfortunately, since we teach classes, we need a way to notate the duration of the classes and the days on which they are taught. Once that functionality is added this would be a golden system for us. :frowning:

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Just started using AirTable and +1 for this feature request

+1 for this feature request. I’m logging dates for international summits/meetings/etc that span multiple dates and would love to have this feature