[SOLVED] Display Date Range in Calendar View


+1 on this one. Totally Agree, im planning to use Airtable as a CMDB for our internal IT team.

With this feature ill be able to set Green and Red Zones!


I +1 this request

It’s great using airtable, and seems like a date range in calendar view would be an easy addition


Very necessary, We’re using Airtable to track filming requests and my next step after nailing down fields, formulas, and forms is building a calendar to embed on our web page that constantly up to date (i.e. NO EXTRA TYPING same info over and over). I will go with start date for now, but lacking a range, may result in numerous calls to our office because it’s taking too many clicks to get info.

I want to sell the need for enterprise edition purchase. Airtable has already saved mi-asma first quarter. Love it!!


I just signed up to try Airtable today and am moving on since date range isn’t available. I would like to create schedules that can be edited and distributed in spreadsheet view and calendar view. Hope there’s something out there that can do this!

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+1 The ability to filter by a date range would be very helpful!


+1 - use case would be to plan leave for staff - need date ranges to organise resource

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Another thumbs up on this request - my use case is very similar to the original poster. I want to see art exhibits as ranges of dates on the calendar view.


+1 on this feature request. We’re evaluating whether to incorporate Airtable into our workflow for managing customers. Promotions are a big part of our business, and they run for weeks at a time. A feature supporting date ranges would allow us to visualize what’s going on and deploy resources accordingly. Displaying a start date, or end date, on its own is very limiting as seeing where promotions overlap drives our decisions on resource allocation. Best,

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Couldn’t agree more. Watched the extended video and got excited. Calendar Range is a must for my needs. Not sure why that isn’t included here.


+1 here - very happy building out my first application, and looks like I’ve hit a brick wall due to this feature not being supported. This is a real deal breaker for me unfortunately.

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I have to manage a reservation calendar which shows the reervation range (let’s say from monday to Saturday) in the calendar.
I have seen that this feature is not available now.
Do you have any idea how to automatically “create” linked one day records in a attached table which will show one record for Monday, one for Tuesday… and so I could expose this table to the calendar view ?
In other words: One field is StartDate, one field is EndDate, on formula field (is it possible?) is calculating the days between Monday and Saturday and crating auomatically the records in the attached table.
Need to do this is needed if possible.
Thanks for your help and for the next dateRange featture.

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+1 on this for sure. We use Airtable to track ad copy run dates for post run analysis.

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Yes!!! Please!!! I just switched my talent agency info over from google docs and this is the ONLY feature (besides being able to multiply by percentage - which I did a work around formula for) that AirTable is missing. Seriously - I’ll contribute some $$$ if we can get this feature going!


+1 here! We plan events and not being able to see them across a calendar hurts the possibilities.


+1 especially with ics support

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I should add that the ics link should be view-dependent, so that we can share/see a filtered calendar.

e.g. use case: a base for event management, including a table with event duration. Create a view filtered by client, then supply the client the ics URL so they can see a synced copy of their events in their preferred calendar app.

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+1 here!!! Any idea if this is on the roadmap?


+1 This would be so helpful! In addition to date ranges, being able to select multiple dates (not necessarily in a range OR on a predictable schedule) would be so useful.


Yes, please! This feature is much needed!


+1 Pretty please. I really hope you are already working on this.