[SOLVED] Formatting options for Long Text

Adding my voice to the chorus here. There’s only so much “long text” you can add without formatting to make it more readable.

+1 Currently using Blocks to produce investment reports and without formatting the long text boxes become very hard to read and use. We are using lots of symbols to try and mix things up – * : etc but not a very good workaround.

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Another user that would really appreciate formatting capabilities in Airtable here.
Use-case: I have a table with a lot of information, and I’d like to make the actionable items bold so that they stand out amongst the other cells’ text. Markdown, or an equivalent, would be hugely helpful.

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Add my name to the list of people who would REALLY want to have a rich text editor.

My preference? The WordPress approach of being able to switch between “visual” and “text” views.

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Many databases I used in the past had word processors integrated so that you could format templates and map data from the fields in a record and send to print or email. This was very beneficial for communication in business. Is there any way to create templates and documents? Does AirTable have anything on the near horizon to address creating documents, email outputs, and other types of reports.

Hello. I also expect long-text format updates!

Markdown and rich content are different things, it is better to think separately.

If you are optimizing for Markdown, I would like an experience like Chrome extension StackEdit.

The following is the mock I made. The input field of Airtable is not textarea, so this Chrome extension does not work.


Hi I just started using Airtable yesterday for our business operating in IT services. We use github primairly for project management and all our issues on there are written using Markdown. If you use Zapier to create airtable records when an issue on Github is created you can copy over the issue description to a airtable long field. Only now we have all headings and styling missing from the original issue.

It would be great for our use case to be able to use markdown within a long text field. This will help adoption within my organisation.

It would be awesome for us using airtable for the purpose of documenting minutes and logs of our daily activities at startups. Airtable could have much wider capabilities if we could use markdown functionalities, even it wouldn’t be a long text field but new markdown field or anything.

new airtable user here, experimenting w/ moving whole team to pro but I was kind of shocked to see there was no rich text editor…

would love to use markdown since that’s kind of the defacto standard. I imagine a lot of users would appreciate a gui driven rich text editor (if that compiled to markdown that would be ideal for compatibility) just my 2¢

and the kicker to all of this is that they already have the code in place for parsing and displaying markdown in the base description modal. :triumph:

The lack of rich text formatting in long text severely limits the usefulness of Airtable. If I want to brainstorm or create notes, I have to use a separate application or program because any “long text” quickly becomes unreadable without formatting.

Please prioritize this very common and highly requested feature.


Agreed. Formatting of long text would really be nice.

It would also be nice to be able to format the records (and center them vertically) when you increase the row height.

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Would love some formatting options, at least the basic ones.


Airtable, PLEASE add this.


Putting a Vote in here for Rich Text Editor for Airtable Long Text field. Would be very helpful and open a lot of doors to the functionality of Airtable.

I’m using the Airpress Plugin for Wordpress (this allow you to display airtable fields with shortcodes) and having to manually edit my HTML attributes in my Airtable Fields. IF this could mirror the text editor in Wordpress simply using a shortcode that would be AWESOME!


I also would love some basic formatting options for a field type.

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100% agree, we need some minimal formatting ability. It is not possible to properly format a citation or a quote. (I am using AirTable for a Zettelkasten, among other things, and need the ability to capture appropriate references to books and articles)

I was looking to see if I could solve this with a block add-on, and could not. The formatting available in this comment box would be just fine, as one of the earlier commenters said.

If it’s a concern over pricing, then make it available with the first paid level only.
Would make a great product even better. :heart_eyes:


Markdown would be very very very useful for the long text fields where I’m often including descriptions and other text that has bulleted/numbered lists, etc.


Surprised AirTable hasn’t integrated this yet, definitely bold and italics at least, as well as bullet points would be super super useful


Alright - Airtable, we love you - clearly - but we need to make long text strings bold, italics, etc. I mean if we can conditionally format to produce :stuck_out_tongue: emoji’s, we should also be able to make text italics

The situation - specific use - is that job descriptions are stored using evernote for recruiting and essentially it’s distracting to have to keep separate databases.

Thanks for your consideration.