[SOLVED] Gantt view/Gantt chart capability

Like the calendar view but if you introduce Gantt you could take Smartsheet out of the market :slight_smile: until then they have an edge over you!!!

As an interim to full Gantt view could you show tasks with a start and end date as a span e.g. multi days rather than start date only?


When will Gantt tables be available in airtable? This is exactly what I need for my company. Will airtable api work with file maker pro?


I second this!! Gantt view would be a major addition to the app as it’s a huge page of project management!!


I agree - this would be an awesome feature - is this something y’all are developing soon?


This would be a killer feature & powerfully multiply the utility of Airtable.

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This would be an awesome feature. We’re considering leaving Airtable to find a product that does have the gantt features

Gantt chart, its just must be in Airtable…Need this feature as air… Will be great… Thank you.

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+1 A lack of Gantt functionality is the only thing holding my company back from moving to Airtable from Smartsheet. We’re using smartsheet right now.


As a new Airtable convert- I’m bummed that I’m stuck in Smartsheets for now because of the lack of Gantt view- though I just learned about Reports and Sights in Smartsheets which are cool- but Airtable is SOOOOO much more user friendly and nice to look at. I’d love Gantt view in Airtable!

I absolutely love AirTable and am using it for practically every need I have. Unfortunately, I want to create a Gantt chart so I can easily stay on track of progress to meet my quarterly goals

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gantt would be nice.

Thumbs up for Gantt from me too :+1:

I just started using Airtable and I was like > “Wow! Its Google Sheets meets Trello”. And to add to my fellow airtable chairpersons a Gantt view would be the best thing for me since sliced bread :bread:

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This would be a great feature for us as well!

It would sure be great to have a gannt view BUT, how do you plan to create nesting tasks ? (multi-level hierarchy of tasks) There first needs to have nesting rows of information.


Good point @Mustafa_Kaplan https://www.teamgantt.com is (yet) another tool that covers both gantt views and nesting pretty well.

That being said, I’m coming up on cases where I need to link to other records in the same table…


Definitely still hoping for Gantt.

Our small companies have just left large and small software - namely Buildertrend, upKeep and Jobber, to keep working with AirTable to customize everything for our needs.

the Kanban is cool, but Gantt and dependencies would really take us to the next level!

Pretty Please!!!

Absolutely. Especially for project management.

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TeamGantt doesnt have an API, but the UI is pretty slick. Its just limited. I would switch my entire business team from TeamGantt to Airtable exclusively if Airtable had Gantt.


No it’s not. It lacks of time in start and end. It has only dates. Which for many companies is a no go.

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