[SOLVED] Help With Staging A Base


The difference between the 2 seems to be in the {Name} field.

In the first screenshot, the record were you linked all the others have is not named, in the second screenshot it is :wink:

You can, I think, just copy the name of the single record from the 2nd screenshot (:white_check_mark:) and past it in the {Name} field of the base in the 1st screenshot.


As far as I know, even if the links are to ‘unnamed record’, the de-duplication routines should work. Could you post or PM me a link to the current version of the base for me to check?

I assume the CSV import file you sent me earlier is the same format as you’re currently using.




I set up a base using the De-duplication Routine, but I had to copy and paste the checkmark (helpful suggestion) into the first field in Table 2 and then there were checkmarks showing up in all the records in Table 1 (Dupe Check field) and for all records in Dupe? field too, so I don’t know how to correct this. If I didn’t copy the checkmark, I would get no checkmark/s at all and I tried many times. I should also mention that I am using the free version of Airtable on my MacBook, High Sierra 10.13, so I don’t know if this makes a difference in terms of the checkmark showing automatically, as opposed to another version, were it does show up automatically or if it’s the set up sequence. The sequence I used is: I linked the two tables first, then I set up the Rollup features and added the formulas accordingly, then at the very end, I would link all the records from Table 2, so I hope I did that right.

I copied and pasted a second set of records, to see if the de-duplication worked, but there were just checkmarks showing in all records in Dupe? field, which worked I suppose, it’s hard to tell with all the Checkmarks. :grinning:

The CSV import file that I emailed you is the file that I have been testing with.

This is the link to the base that I was describing above:

I have also included a link to another version of the same base as above, except it is before I copied and pasted the checkmark, so you can see an unadulterated version and I also copied the same records twice, to see if the checkmark would appear automatically, but it did not:

Thank you very much for your help and patience while I work my way through this.




I am very curious to know how the De-duplication Routine bases that I created (included in Reply# 23) are working or not, or did I miss something. Although, if I did do everything correctly, but I am still not getting checkmarks in the correct fields’s and tables, automatically, I am wondering if it might have to do with using the mobile version and on MacBook. A good test would be to have this base set up with a mobile app and on a computer, independently, to see how it works. Just a thought.

Thank you,



I am hoping to start using the De-duplication Routines for a bunch of finalized bases that I have already created, so I was wanting to start using it for 5 bases.

I was wanting to settle this issue, so I can go ahead with finishing my bases.

Thank you,

P. S. I realize that you are busy, so I was hoping you could fit this in. :grinning:



I wondered if someone could take a look at Reply #23. I realize that this De-Duplication Routine is someone else’s, I just wondered if another set of eyes to take a look, to check if it’s something that I missed, since it’s not working.

I sent a PM to W. Vann Hall on a few occasions, but I think he is quite busy. I would like to resolve this issue, one way or another, since this query has been left in limbo for awhile now.

I wanted to have something to detect duplicate records in a base that I imported a CSV file and I wanted to import a second CSV file, but when I do that, all the records are duplicated, so I wanted a way to visually see what the duplicate records are, so I can delete them.

The sequence I used is: I linked the two tables first, then I set up the Rollup features and added the formulas accordingly, then at the very end, I would link all the records from Table 1 into Table 2, so I hope I did that right.

I have the free version of Airtable and I use both an iPad (10 & 11) and MacBook (High Sierra 10.13) with Airtable version uploaded.

I am really hoping that someone can really help me, since I am stuck.

Thank you,


Hi W_Vann_Hall

Well, I can now say that I finally figured out how to do the De-duplication Routine.

I still have to copy a checkmark, just to kick start it, (it needed a bit of a kick), but once I copied it, the checkmarks are showing in the right places. It seems that I should have linked the records first, then create the Rollup features, with the appropriate formulas. Once I figured that out, it works now. I even took it two steps further, by creating a view showing all records with checkmarks. I also figured out, when I am working on my iPad, if I am just entering a few records, I can copy a checkmark and paste it in the Dupe Check column, instead of filling the column on my Mac. I did these two things all by myself. :grinning: Pretty good, eh!

Thank you for all your help.


P.S. If I can only figure out the formula in the Integromat scenario, that I am working on, then I would be really flying.



In case it helps, the dedupe block is now live and open to all Pro users. For more info, check out the support article: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008332253.


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