[SOLVED] How to create stable/unchanging shared-view link?



I have a sales-inventory table that I consign to different vendors. I’d like to create a shared-view link from this table that contains only the inventory records pertinent to that vendor. However, if I change the view after I generate the link, visiting that link brings up the new view.

If I want the vendor to have access to 7 widgets and I create a shared-view link that filters out everything but those 7, how can I ensure that link keeps that view and that view only?

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Um… don’t change the view?

Seriously. Create a custom view for that vendor, generate the shared view link, and then leave the view alone. If you want to modify that particular view, duplicate it first and then edit the duped view.


Did not realize that you could make multiple views of the same type (grid, gallery, etc). Thought that adding a view was simply choosing among the view types. Good to know—and perhaps something worth including in the view documentation on the support pages. Thank you.

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