SOLVED: Importing (CSV) Data into an Existing Table


Hello Team,

Is there any quick way to import mass data into an EXISTING TABLE? Importing a CSV file will generate a table, not append to the existing one. Copy and paste from excel or google sheet does not seem to work.


Import spreadsheet into existing table

I apologize! The copy & paste function seems to work.


Not only does the cop & paste function work for data, but you can also copy file attachments from one table to another, which I think is pretty cool.


Thanks Markus! I will try it.


Is there a way to mass import photos from, say, an old Bento database?


Hi Karl, I had the same question. So, by “copy and paste” function, do you mean that I’d do the following:

  1. Create a .csv for the new set of records that I want to add to my table.
  2. Select and copy all the rows of data in the .csv.
  3. Paste that into the Main View of the table I want to add new records to (and this presumes that I haven’t changed the Main View in any way since my original import, such as reordering, adding, or deleting columns.)

Thanks! I’m brand new to Airtable as of last night! Feeling my way around, and so far, I LOVE it!


I’ve wondered this as well. Copy and paste is a workable solution but there are a bunch of other reasons why Airtable needs the ability to import from a spreadsheet into an existing table. This additional import functionality would need to be able to set up data keys, driving an update for any existing records with the same key and creating new records for ones that don’t already exist in the table.

Airtable would be able to address more of my clients’ CRM use cases if it had this functionality. Lead management is an example. Over time a company gets batches of leads in a spreadsheet that they need to be able to import into a Leads app. Duplication detection and record updates are key features that ensure the lead qualification process ends up being as efficient as possible.

I’m going to add this into the feature request forum.


Thank you, Bill. Can I find your request and vote for it or support it in any other way there?


Here’s the link Import spreadsheet into existing table

I don’t see a voting option but you can “Like” it.


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Thank you, Bill. Just found it and liked it.


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