[SOLVED] Limit linked record selection to a view


+1 Would love to see this feature for project management use case


Absolutely a needed feature. How has it gone so long without being implemented? I would love to use Airtable for more solutions, but without some basic features like this, I can’t.


Hi everyone, I have en employee data base that contains active and departed colleagues, who are marked “alumni”.
On a separate form for current employees I have an expense request form, in which my employees can select their name from a drop down.
Problem is that in that drop down, there are my former employees as well… is there a way to only show a specific subset of my records in a web form ?
Thanks in advance.


There is not currently functionality built in for that, but there is feature that does this currently in beta testing. It allows one to limit the selection of records linked into one table to only those available in a particular view in the source table.

So when this feature goes live, you’ll be able to create a view in your Employees table that filters to show only active employees, and then use that view to filter records in your Expense Request table Form View, so that only Active Employees show up as options.

Based on my past experiences with Airtable’s beta program, I’d guess you can expect to see this feature go live in somewhere around a month. But not all betas are the same, so that’s not a guarantee.


Great!! Signed up and looking forward to testing this one out!


that’s great news
looking at the responses on this thread, this is a qualified need and if it doesn’t make through beta, there will be a lot of disappointed users


It is indeed a long awaited feature.
Does this mean that I can now rollup/count specific records from a certain view (Aka conditional rollup/count)?

This does not seem to be working for me. I have limited my linked records to a specific view, but the rollup is still rolling up values from ALL records, and not from the specific view.


Do we know if this has been worked on at all?


Look at the 4th response above yours:


Thank you for your help Jeremy. Next time, I’ll carefully read through every single comment before asking a dumb question.

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+1 - looking forward to trying it out.


Hi, does anyone know if there has been any update on this? Is this on the roadmap soon? Or is this still in beta-testing?


I’m in need of this feature as well, I keep running into quirks like this that hold me back from committing to deploying this to my team as well as upgrading to pro.
I need the basic features to exist in order to actually prove out Airtable…

I’m trying to design a device calibration Base that needs to have each record link to the ‘standard device’ that was used to calibrate the ‘device under test’, where there are multiple records for each standard device, as it is itself calibrated once a year, but I need to limit it to only the most recent.


Total +1
@Katherine_Duh : This is such a powerful feature so that without I’m on the verge of moving my clients to a normal database/inventory system.

The beauty of Airtable for me is that my (non-tech) clients can update/edit/add data without me. But I also don’t need to build a whole system. But I’m reaching a point in my client’s prototypes that their desires become more and more dependent on this feature…


This is currently showing up in my airtable program (mac) but doesn’t appear to be working. I have a filter set on a view to show only “current”, but when I limit my selection to that view in the lookup field it’s showing everything regardless. So…is this supposed to be working right now or is it yet to be functional? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding its purpose?


Its worked for me as expected when I first tried it this morning.

Where I created a new view with the filter(most recent date for each of a given subtype of record) I want in table ‘A’, I reconfigure the linked record field in table ‘B’ to look at that view only, and presto.

And holy hell, it actually propagates/works in the iOS app as well (so happy :star_struck:) - I was not expecting that to work as we still don’t have the ability to edit formulas in an app or for a field default value to show up on newly created records in the app :sweat_smile:


Looking to leverage Airtable for a complex volunteer tracking tool.

How can I create “shifts” that volunteers can select in a signup form? Similar to signup or signup genius? Without having to manually enter every available shift as a select option?

Also, need to limit some of those “shifts” to one or two volunteers, so they wouldn’t be an option after they were selected or filled.

This seems like a common issue that someone may have solved already.



BUMP! I’m currently having to use the exact workaround that Brian describes and it is fairly unintuitive from an admin perspective.


Also looking for a way to apply a signup functionality in an Airtable Form. Has anyone found a way to make this work?

Ideally, once a person (or specified number of people) selects a shift from a dropdown, then future people would not be able to sign up for that shift. It seems like this could be linked somehow with a field that indicates the number of available slots. Once that limit is reached one of the options in the dropdown would disappear.

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