[SOLVED] Option to "Turn Off" and Remove the "History" side column in Expanded Record View


Hello. I think it would be a nice visual aesthetic to be able to look at a clean form when in the Expanded View mode, without having to see the side column with all of the history. I know I can turn off the history, per say. But the column is still in view. Perhaps when clicking to turn the history feature OFF, the side column can also be removed visually from the detailed form page. This corresponds to my full Desktop and Website versions.

Another way around this, I guess, would simply be to include an option for fully customizable forms views. Both for viewing and printing.

Thank you.


The side column remains there because it’s used for user comments (which are not disabled even if revision history is).


Thanks for replying. I guess a customizable form page would be a nice feature then. Or perhaps, just allow the user to click a button to Open/Close the side column, as needed.


I’d also really, really love to see this as an option. The blank space on the side, even with Revision History turned off, is a huge distraction – especially for records with a ton of attached data in them. That screen space would be much better spent displaying the data, themselves.


+1 here. The revision history is neat, but it clutters the chat, making it less useful. Perhaps the “history” and “chat” could be de-coupled, each on its own column.

I like seeing history, but not if it clutters chat, so perhaps history is also visually de-prioritized.


This clearly needed feature (Hide Revision History Sidebar) would require a tiny amount of developer work (about 2 hours of jQuery).


Agreed, I know there is a way to “not display” the history, but why the heck do you keep the blank pane??.


hi - where is that option to hide the history ?


Yes, I agree that it would be really good if we could turn off the side column completely.
The blank page with the commenter field is simply frustrating. We just need to deal with the record
in good view.

Will you be introducing something to enable us to turn off this side column?

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