[SOLVED] Page Designer Block: Default Font

I would like to have the ability to set a default font for the Page Designer block in our Airtable settings or in the table settings somewhere so we don’t have to change it from Roboto every time :slight_smile:


So so so begging for this as well. It is so tedious to have to change this over and over when I have a standard font and many text fields. I can copy and paste but after a while, it really sucks up my time. Hoping Airtable will listen on this one!

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Yep, I have to agree. The copy/paste routine accelerates things, but it can be a bassackward way of doing things…

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Speaking of “standards”… Is there some sort of licensing issue that page designer cannot have common, standard fonts like: Times New Roman, Arial ,Helvetica, etc.???

I’d love to use Page Designer to “present” some things that have official logos present on the page. But due to strict branding guidelines that some of the organizations I work closely with, I cannot without some of these common fonts.

Any thoughts?

Page Designer is driven by Google Fonts; not all are supported (last I checked), but a substantial subset is.

As always, the use of specific fonts on the web is hampered by uncertainty whether or not a user has that font loaded on their system. Most large foundries aren’t thrilled by the idea of giving away of their perennial money-makers — which is why we have Arial. There’s also the question of the suitability of a font designed for print, such as Helvetica, being used for screen output. (And that’s without taking into consideration whether ‘Helvetica’ on a user’s system is actually true Mergenthaler Helvetica or a bootleg.)

If the goal is to use body type harmonious with a company’s official face, you can probably find a very close cousin among Google’s offerings. (In my experience, most organizations anal enough to require consistent body text in correspondence or similar communications also specify web alternatives.) If your need is for official fonts for use in logos and the like, the usual – and better, as you’ll have no control over kerning, etc., using a text font – approach is to generate logos as graphic art. You can then position and size them as needed in Page Designer. (I’m not sure if Page Designer supports SVG files — I don’t remember seeing references to them go by — but if so they would be the preferred method of including logos.)

Edit: It appears Page Designer does support SVG files, and @Jonathan_Schofield provides some tips here on getting it to work.

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WOW! Thank you for your thorough reply. This doesn’t make things easy per say. But it certainly clears up how I can go about this appropriately for my needs.

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We recently added a way to set the default font, hope this helps you all!

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