[SOLVED] Record Duplication Detection, Deduping, and Duplicate Merging


I have a problem with the final step…
Could anyone help me with this: ??


Please, please, this has been requested for so long and is a pretty obvious feature, especially in a relational database where I want my primary key to be unique!


I wonder what the technical issues with this are. Surely at least duplication DETECTION shouldn’t be such a hard thing to implement?


We’ll be releasing something on this front soon… :eyes:


Hi there, apologies if this is written about elsewhere, I searched and didn’t find many relevant posts.

We have two duplicate records created from Acuity via Zapier. One Randall H. and one Randy H. Same person. I changed the name of the Randy in airtable to Randall, but they’re still different records and I’d like to merge all this student’s lessons to be under the same single student. Can this be done? Thanks!


You can “update” an Airtable record using zapier (Acuity & Airtable), which would replace the old record information. This is what you’d want to do. But, there is no way currently to merge information, without building a SUPER complex zap or some custom code.

I would love to do contact merge info as well, just not there yet.


Have a public/example base showing how you’d like to merge them?


Hi folks! Our deduplication block is currently in beta right now. You can use it to delete duplicate records or merge individual fields from duplicate records together.

If you’re a Pro plan user and you’re interested in testing it out (and giving us your feedback!), we’d love for you to sign up using this form.


Any update on this @Katherine_Duh? The form to sign up doesn’t seem to be available anymore.


The form loaded fine for me by clicking the link @Katherine_Duh posted above:
(just now)

And I can update you that the beta is live. I have been able to try out the De-duping block.


They have officially released a de-duplication block for pro users. More information here: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008332253


Looks like @Kamille_Parks beat me to the community forum announcement — the Dedupe block is now officially launched and available to all Pro users! You can install it right now from the blocks gallery.

Special thanks to those of you who participated in the beta and gave us valuable feedback. Happy deduping!


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