[SOLVED] Simple checklist within fields

I may be onto something here after reading this thread. I needed a way to create repeatable checklists as well that sometimes would need their own sub checklist. I use a combination of multi-selects, check boxes, and attachments. For the muti-selects the idea is to add all items at initial project kick-off, and then as each item in that checklist is completed the user removes that item. I then link a checklist record to the projects that need them. I can also use different views to create workflows on the checklists based on what department does what, so if there are other steps that have to be completed first, then those checklist records are hidden until completed. then Zapier can trigger the notification the appropriate team, that they have a new checklist to attend to in their view.

Please can we get this!!! It’s really essential for me! I’m seriously considering switching to Things because it’s so much better on this dimension.

I am a new user to Airtable as of 20 minutes ago. I’m so surprised that after the (fairly) pleasant emphasis on onboarding experience, such a key productivity feature is totally omitted. I will now be unsubscribing, because it seems like your product managers can go two years ignoring key features and user feedback - who knows what I’d need in the future that I’d have to wait years for.

yes, a well thought out checklist feature would be aweseome. But I understand that this is not as easy as it seems to fit to the basic metholigy of airtable. Still I hope you find the right fit to make checklists with airtable easier!

Agreed. This has been one of the main issues switching part of my team over to Airtable. This would certainly benefit product developers who need that checklist to stay on track.

There might be a little workaround. You can keep adding a single text followed by checklist field. This way you can describe your checklist tasks and check them for each kanban ticket individually. Its not perfect but it could work for some people.
[Single Text 1] [Checklist 1] [Single Text 2] [Checklist 2] [Single Text 3] [Checklist 3]

I’m totally onboard with getting a checklist. I have several different types of clients and would like to have a default checklist for each client type. Then if I have a Type One client I could link that client’s name to a Type One Checklist for him, then link my Type Two client to a checklist for her, then my second Type One client have her own Type One checklist, etc. What would be really great would be to be able to have comments for items on the checklist. If I need to deliver widgets to Joe, it would be great to be able to put a comment by “Deliver Widgets” where I could note “Widgets to be sent to Second Street address” or “Widgets damaged in shipping; need to send replacements.”

Thanks - I was trying to do something similar with prerequisites and dependent tasks, and this solved my problem.

Related is the essence of a collection inside a record of which checklists is one possibility. Lists of pretty much anything would be helpful in eliminating one-to-many relationships that are generally unnecessary complexities.

It looks like this is solved (or nearly solved) with the addition of rich text editing, which I believe is now in beta. I have access to it and can confirm that checklists are present.

Tried to post screen grabs but Airtable forum won’t let me.

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I’m in the Beta too and it’s solved this a lot for us. We also use it with Description Blocks as well.

Retweet!! Please add this feature :pray:t3:

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We could REALLY use this!

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Bumping this since we also desperately need this at my company. At some point a bunch of people went back to IT requesting to move to Trello / Asana instead as we don’t have sub-task functionality and things get messy very quickly. It would be awesome if you guys are able to add that soon.


This is the one feature preventing us from moving off of Trello.

Hi everyone! With the new formatting options in long text fields, you can easily add light-weight checklists to records:

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