Somehow all my tables shows all views automatically


Is there any body facing the same issue as me?
Since June all my tables automatically shows “all views” column as long as I open one and it’s annoying.
Might have set up something by accident but didn’t know how to fix it.

Hi @Alfred_Zhang

Are you referring to the window on the left side? If so, Airtable are testing out this View feature, so that, when you open up a database, this View window opens up.

It’s been added to some of the users databases on an experimental bases.

There is a separate discussion thread for this, in this forum.

Here is the link to that discussion.

Hope this explanation helps.

Mary Kay

Hi @Alfred_Zhang

If this helped to solve your issue, can you check off the solution box, so that other users will find this helpful.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

This thread is helpful! Thank you!

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