Somehow show "current" only


What I want to do is to use my reams of medical information (which includes all of a patient’s history) to create a health snapshot of their present situation. I don’t need to see every medication the patient ever used and every condition they’ve ever had, just the current ones.

I can’t figure out a way to do this and I suspect there isn’t one, but I wanted to make sure because I’m frankly no Airtable expert.

Is there any way to bring information in that is filtered for “Status” in this way?



In your [Conditions] table, make a new formula field with this formula IF({Status}='Current',{Name}&': '&{Description}). This will give you the current condition’s name and description in one field to be ‘imported’ into the [Patients] table. You’ll probably want to hide this from view.

In your [Patients] table, make a Lookup field that looks at the formula field described above.

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Hm, so no way to maintain the links then, huh. I was hoping the new “limit view” option would allow this sort of thing, but alas :disappointed:

Thanks though! I can definitely use this formula for another base I’m working on.



What do you mean? Also, in which table do you want to see the present situation?



Let me know if I’m understanding your situation correctly: The issue you’re facing comes from the fact that the status of a condition is indicated on the Conditions table, which means that there’s no way to filter by status on the Patients table without using a lookup (which returns text, not links).

One possible solution is to restructure your tables. Instead of having two tables – Patients and Conditions – you instead have three: Patients, Conditions, and (e.g.) Diagnoses. Instead of linking directly between Patients and Conditions, you’d instead link Patients to Diagnoses, then Diagnoses to Conditions.

The Patients file would only hold their personal details – DOB, contact, etc.; Conditions would only hold the generic details – possible causes, treatments, insurance codes; Diagnoses is where they come together – date of diagnoses, status of condition, images.

Having set up your database in this way, you could then see each patient’s current status by going to the Diagnoses table, filtering by status then grouping by patient. You’d still have clickable links to the Patients and Conditions tables.

Hope that helps!



Ideally, I’d be able to see it on the patient page, so I can easily bring in information from all the tables and not have to have to navigate between filtered views so much.

I was hoping to preserve the links so I can click on the condition for more details, but it doesn’t look like there’s a way to filter out current conditions and still have those links.



I’ll have to consider restructuring them…it’s just the way the information comes in this is the most intuitive way to separate it. Otherwise things get sort of messy with some parts of forms or paperwork going in one table and other parts of it going into another. It makes it hard to hunt down the right table for the right info and things get missed.

Healthcare is fun! :sweat_smile:



Oh I understand now, the thing is that you get ALL conditions in Patients table and you can’t get just the Current ones. The way to go is the mentioned by @Andy_Lin1, or the mentioned by @Kamille_Parks if you don’t want to have Diagnoses table (but you’ll don’t know which Linked Conditions are in Current status). I think the 3 tables schema is the best!

Just be aware that Status is not a property of a Condition itself (as a disease or illness), it is from a Diagnose. Think in it as a book lending: the Patients are the Readers, the Conditions are the Books, and the Diseases are the Lendings.

  • A Lending has and start and an end, and can be active or inactive (as a Diagnose).
  • A Book exist whether it is borrowed or not (as a Condition, that even if nobody on earth had it, we still had a name, a description, a date of discovery…)
  • A Reader and a Patient are the same, Persons :smile: