Sort Data by data ranges and specific options

As an example, if say I kept my company’s products in Airtable, a record of sales, prices etc, and I wanted to know how much I sold in January, easy, all sales totaled, but what if I wanted to get more specific, only sales of a specific product? What about a category of products. What about quarters? What if I wanted to know how a category of products did for a given quarter and then also for a given month? Or even a specific timeframe, middle of February to Middle of March? This is an example, what I’m keeping track of is not in dollars, so unfortunately its not as simple as creating a view with range I’m looking for, as I’m keeping track of bytes that need to displayed as “GB” or "TB"s the actual bytes are entered and then a formula is created at the end to convert bytes into “GB” or “TB”. I’ve thought about maybe under products, having fields for months and quarters as direct links, that could each have their own view, but that seems like a lot of work.

Any help or ideas would be deeply appreciated.

Hi @Skyler_Proctor1,

If you are on the Pro Plan, this all can be done in the Blocks as long as you have the required data entered in the Tables.

If you want even more categories. you can make several Views with filters that are set to the data you need only (if you don’t want all the data in one chart) and set the chart to read from this View instead.


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