Sort / Group / Filter by Record Comments


My idea is to have a function that would allow you to group, sort, or filter by the comments added by users.

For example, we run a manufacturing company, and have several users in airtable communicating with each other and leaving notes on orders pertaining to updated project or customer information. A lot of times, this is for alerting others that something needs to be changed or updated, as not everybody is handling that specific task.

What I’m interested in is having the ability to filter all of the projects we have so that users can only see projects that have comments attached to them from other users (or even themselves). As of right now, the only way to find these is to scroll through the list of current projects and look for the icon saying that something was noted / updated / changed. With over 600 projects, it’s a bit of a daunting task.


Can’t you make a new view called ‘sorted’ and then add a filter for comment = not blank or comment contains specific keywords?


The only things that can be filtered or sorted are the table fields themselves, not the comments attached to the entire record(s).