Sort multiple select options by option order?

When I add new options to a multiple select field. They list in the order they are added.
Is there a way to sort them by the order they are listed in the pull-down?

To be clear, I’m not trying to sort the whole set of record rows, just the elements inside each multiple select field box.


Hi @Keegan_Ead

The only sorting that can be done within the Mult selection is alphabetically, in the desktop version.

You just select CUSTOMIZE FIELD and you will see two sets of arrows (in the field box), one upwards and another downwards, so you just select what direction you want to sort your selections.

Hope this helps.

Mary K

@M_k you misunderstand @Keegan_Ead

  1. multi select pull down - which can already be sorted via web version alphabetically)

  2. multi select cell data - which is ordered manually by the order you add the data

He wants number 2. And so do I. Really need it. Upvote too thanks


Hi @Isaac_Googgle and @Keegan_Ead

Thank you for letting me know.

Mary Kay

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I realllllly need #2 as well. Honestly surprised it’s not supported yet.

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Hi folks. Is there any solution for #2 so far? Would be very nice.

Hi Keegan, did you find a solution for this? I need this feature, too. Thanks in advance.

I also need #2! We have 109 options in a multiple select and I’m manually inputting them into a different document. Would be so incredibly helpful to be able to sort alphabetically within cells.