Sort Not Sorting All Records

I can’t get this field to sort properly. It sorts up to a certain point then seems to give up. I tried deleting/re-creating the sort rule, even manually sorting from the customize menu.
I contacted ‘Support’ with this, they did not even respond.

Multi-select fields are sorted in the order that you have customized the options. Make sure that your multi-select options are in the order that you want them sorted. You can also click on the “alphabetize” button as well.

Gotcha, thanks! I guess I have to do that every time I add an item? Or at least periodically. There does not appear to be a ‘keep alphabetized’ option.

Yeah, it’s a bummer that there isn’t a “keep alphabetized” option for multi-selects and single-selects. Your other alternative would be to use a linked record field instead of a multi-select field, and then you can just natively sort that field alphabetically and keep it alphabetized.

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In general, adding new choices to a select field is not expected to be a frequent occurrence in a good database design. If you expect to be frequently adding new choices, you should consider using a linked record field instead.

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I use it for sales leads, so it is constantly evolving as new ‘potential clients’ are found. New leads with existing clients are in the select list. I’m not sure how it is not a ‘good database design’.

As Kuovonne suggested, this sounds like the case for having a Leads table instead of an ever expanding single select field.

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Well it’s actually a total project management system. If a lead turns into a project, then it is tracked all the way to final invoicing, including work flow status. Airtable has been a fantastic improvement over the way I was tracking sales leads and executing projects before.

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