Sort or Filter so that each result becomes a new table

Is there a way to use Sort or Filter and then have each set of results be separated onto a new table (or new export)? For example, let’s say I have 3 names: Al, Beth, and Cindy. When I Sort/Filter by name, Al has 2 results, Beth has 4, and Cindy has 5. I know I can Filter by Al, Beth and Cindy separately, and then copy or export the results. Which is ok for 3 names, but very time consuming with 100 names. Is there a way to have the results by name automatically populate onto separate tables or separate exported files by name? So that Al’s results, Beth’s results, and Cindy’s results are automatically separated for me?

Can you explain what end result you are trying to achieve? You might want to look into the GROUP functionality, which automatically groups your records and even gives you a summary bar so you can summarize your groups of records.

I want all of my data sorted by Name, but also the results of each unique Name to be separated somehow (like by making a new table, or exported to a new sheet, etc). So I can show each Name their results without them seeing the results of the other Names. This can manually be done by filtering by each Name and exporting or copying/pasting the results. So I’d like those same results, but I’m trying to save time from manually having to filter each Name one by one.
I’ll check out the Group option, too. Thanks.

Yes, so like a Group, but can I tell it to put each Group onto its own table? Or export so that each Group is its own sheet?

My guess is that you could probably create some sort of a JavaScript to do this for you,

But outside of JavaScript, the only built-in way to do this would be to create separate views, each one filtered by the name that you want. Then you could create a read-only share link for each view to give to each person to see their records. You could also export CSV files from each one of the views, too.

Although with hundreds of different people in your table, a much better solution would be to use Stacker, which was specifically designed for people to log into your system and only see their own records.

For a cheaper & simpler solution than Stacker, check out this extension:

There are possibly other extensions on that website that might be helpful to you as well.

Alternatively, you could use Integromat to iterate through your records, create a Google spreadsheet for each person’s records, and create a new spreadsheet when you come to a new person’s name.

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Thanks. I’m not familiar with these options, so I’ll look into them.

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