Sort using curl?


How do I got about sorting with querystring parameters? The API documentation seems to only give an example for the ruby client.


The url should have something like this added to the end: “&sortField=Town&sortDirection=asc”


Since PHP is my go to language I used it to create/display the “raw” query string that should be passed in the URL to result in the appropriate GET variables/parameters on Airtable. It can be used in CURL or any thing else that can make a http request:

$sort = array(
	array("field" => "My Field",       "direction" => "asc"),
	array("field" => "My Other Field", "direction" => "desc")
$params = array("sort" => $sort);

echo http_build_query($params);

This results in:


when unescaped it is:

sort[0][field]=My Field&sort[0][direction]=asc&sort[1][field]=My Other Field&sort[1][direction]=desc