Sorting Alphabetically

Hi all - I have a table in grid view that I’m trying to group and then sort alphabetically.

The table is:

  1. Grouped by StateOrProvince from First-Last
  2. Sorted by StateOrProvince from first-last

No matter how I group, sort, etc. I can not get the table to group/sort alphabetically by State.

Any insight you can offer is so appreciated. Thanks!

Your screenshot is sorted alphabetically.

@ScottWorld ah the screenshot does not accurately capture. All 50 states are in this table and yet not sorted alphabetically. If you could see the whole table you’d see that after AL and AK should be before AZ, etc.

Single-select fields are sorted in the order in which they appear in the single-select list. Go in to customize your field, and you can click on the “Alphabetize” button. (Or you can manually drag-and-drop the options into the correct order.)

@ScottWorld, I see it, thank you!!

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