Sorting in "chronological" order

I’m trying to figure out how to keep a View sorted in a chronological order.

Initially, a client fills out a form online which collects their pertinent info and adds them to my database. After discussing the needs of my client they send me a deposit to get on my waitlist. I have set up a “Waitlist” View in my base that filters clients based on whether or not I have received a deposit. I would like the “Waitlist” view to be sorted in the order that deposits are received.

Ideally, when I receive a deposit, I enter it into the “Deposit” field, which automatically adds it to the “Waitlist” view. How do I keep this view sorted in the order that deposits are added (or in the order that they are added to the “Waitlist” view)?

Welcome to the community, @Jeffpdoes!

Create a “Last Modified Time” field, and set it to ONLY update when you update the “Deposit” field.

Then, you can sort by that field. Airtable will put all the empty ones at the top, but you can filter them out of your view or just ignore them.


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