Sorting on lookup field that contains single select data behaves unexpectedly

I’m finding unexpected behavior when sorting on a single select data lookup field.

In the source table the HT Location is a single lookup field. I have the field values ordered in the “customize field type” control (note Dairy case in in blue before Bakery in green.):

In the source table the sort behaves as expected (note Dairy case before Bakery.)

The unexpected behavior is in the list table that references the source table. There’s a linked table field, and a lookup on the “HT Locations” field, which is then sorted. Here the order is different, with Bakery coming before Dairy case.

I tried making a duplicate of the list table; it duplicated the odd sort behavior. I made a new table, added the same link and lookup fields, and it looked like this table sorts the look up field alphabetically – except for paper supplies – not the order of the look up fields



Am i right that this is unexpected behavior?

Turns out working as expected.

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