Sorting Records within a Record


I have several questions related to sorting.

  1. Is it possible to sort records within a record? I have a base that is a school directory. We have fields that indicate types of volunteer activities someone may be willing to do. We therefore have the interest name and it has a multiple links to parent names. I have not found a way to sort the multiple parent names that are linked to the record (unless manually).

  2. Similarly, I have the parent names in first name and last name fields but the primary field is a formula that has the full name with first name first. Any way I can sort by last name even though the formula is first name last name? Obviously on that table it could be sorted by the last name field, but I have a linked table, and so it is the full name that appears, which would then sort by first name.



Hi @Tanya_Neitzert,

In this type of situation, I would normally use join table to do a many to many join between activities and parents. This table would have at least two fields (plus name), one linking to Activities and one to Parents - and both would be set to only allow a single entry.

In this way you can sort and group the join table (say called Parents/Activities) into whichever order you want and group it as well. This may seem like overkill, but using multi valued linked fields as you are is very limiting (as you are discovering).

Hope this helps,