Splitting dimensions into 3 columns

Hi everyone,

I currently have a base where there is a column for DIMENSIONS in the form of manual entry formated as such: 12" x 10" x 8"

I would like to SPLIT the numerical values into 3 different columns (column 1 = 12, column 2 = 10, column 3 = 8)

From my research I have not been able to find an adequate split formula (I know that airtable, unfortunately, doesn’t have an easy way to SPLIT)

How best would I go about splitting this information by a split-like formula?

See this very similar post:

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Ah! Thank you!

One more question for you:


In the “Name” section, is this where I would put the column name I am pulling from? I’m guessing no based on this formula I attempted:

Any guidance on how to appropriately pull from that column is appreciated.

Never mind! THere was a rough [ which was causing the problem. Thank you for your help!

Do you have any guesses as to why this error is happening? I’m wondering if because there are decimals and not an integer?


The formula is written to handle decimals. Since you’re pulling from a Lookup-type field its possible Airtable is reading {Dimensions (IN) Linked} as an array and not a string. In the formula, change: {Dimensions (IN) Linked} to {Dimensions (IN) Linked}&"".

YES thank you! That did the trick!

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