Splitting Expenses + Recording Income

Hey Airtablers,

I’m trying to create a base that tracks expenses and income, but between a few people. For simplicity, let’s just imagine it’s a cofounder and who just started an online business and we need to track our expenses (a 50/50 split), and our income (also a 50/50 split).

For reference, here’s what I have so far: https://airtable.com/shrC0MHyoAl0PJoBV

What I’m trying to build is a base where we can easily see and keep track who owes what. At the end of the month, we should do some reconciliation so that my cofounder’s expenses and mine are equal (hence the 50/50 split).

I had a similar (working) setup on a LibreOffice spreadsheet, but I’m trying out Airtable for this to see if I can build something a bit more intuitive. (Gonna give the Form view a shot as well so we can enter these expenses more easily.)

Ideally we’ll want to do some more advanced reporting as well, but for the time being my biggest focus is:

  • Tracking expenses for the business
  • Recording income for the business
  • Seeing a running record of what each of us has spent individually
  • Seeing a running record of who owes what to whom
  • Creating a way to easily do the reconciliation (if needed)

What am I doing wrong here in Airtable? How can I structure this better? What fields/formulas am I missing?

At the end of the day, our expenses should be equal, and our income should be equal.

I literally just found an app called Tricount that has this exact functionality. I’m just looking to recreate that in Airtable.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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