Splitting multiple attachments into separate records

Hi there, Airtable community,

You’ve helped me before on numerous occasions and I’d like to extend my warm thanks.

Couldn’t find an answer to this one, though:

I have public users creating records in Table A using a form view. In one field, they’re able to upload attachments. The records created end up in Table A, named “Entries”. Then, I use an automation so that every attachment uploaded to a record in Table A is created as a new record in Table B. Works like a charm.

Unfortunately, if the Attachment column contains multiple attachments, only one is handled by the automation.

So here’s the issue: how can I split multiple attachments from one record in Table A and create a separate record for each one in Table B?


Check this page: Trying to split records with multiple attachments in a field into a new table with records with single attachments - #2 by kuovonne