Stacked Switch Statement for Seasons

Hello everyone,

Tinkering with my garden automations and I have seasons on my mind. There’s a couple of items I’m working on and thinking about, and figured I may as well post my questions here to help advance my Airtable skills.

Firstly, spending time with a Switch statement, is it possible to stack cases? For example;


And what are peoples thoughts on having rolling seasons within a recurring calendar? Not too sure about this one though, trying to map it out still, so perhaps it’s more of a base design question. :thinking:


No, it is not possible to stack cases as in your second example. Your first example should work fine.

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@Karlstens If @kuovonne provided the answer you were seeking, please mark her comment as the solution to your question. This helps others who may be searching with similar questions. Thanks!

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Thanks Justin, if as a Community Leader, you have the ear of Airtable Devs, could you shuffle this to them for comment? Would make life easier if we could support a range within a Switch Statement. One day I’ll find to explore this further with an Automation script.

Unfortunately I don’t have the devs’ ears, at least not in a way that can influence any of their work. The “Community Leader” badge just means that a) I talk a lot, and b) some of it makes sense. :wink:

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