Standard and Customer Specific Price Tracker


I have a list of parts and a list of customers. Parts have standard pricing and customers get contract pricing.

My data looks something like this:

Table: standard pricing

Part Price
A $5
B $10

Table: Customer pricing

Customer Price A Price B
X $4 -
Y $6 $9
Z - $11

What I really want to do is be able to look at Part A and see standard pricing AND customer pricing. Like this:

Part Standard X Pricing Y Pricing
A $5 $4 $6

I could create a column for each part number or for each customer but I have 100+ parts and 25+ customers, each only gets 2 or 3 parts. I can link a part number to a customer but I want to link back their custom pricing to all the parts that they purchase.

Sorry if this answer is elsewhere. I tried looking and searching tutorials and what not…


Thanks for kissanime posting this. It helped me a bit as i too was not sure letgo about few things.



I would have a Junction Table: