Star Rating as a field type [DONE]


Pretty much explained by the topic name, it would be great to be able to select Star Rating as a field type as way of rating things 1-5. I know there’s other ways of doing this (you could have a single select using the black star glyph) but it would be cool!


Support this feature!


I suppose we could always make a single select with 1 star emoji, 2 star emoji etc


you nailed it :slight_smile:

but visually its not the same

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I would also like this but with the addition of having half star options


Was just searching for this. Is it implemented yet? This would be awesome!


I think a single select and formulas are adequate to get everything you’d want out of this. I use this system in many of my bases! Supporting this as a field type raises questions such as: How many point scale? How should they be represented (some people might want emojis, other would want to attach a note to what a rating means)? How should formulas work with them? Rollups? I’d prefer that Airtable focuses on field types that are impossible currently (e.g. location) than what is already possible by their powerful abstractions, such as rating.

I’d suggest building it like this (template):

  • Single Select with rating.
  • Formula that converts the rating into a number through LEN or IF, depending on how the single select rating is represented.

The numeric number provided by the formula will allow you to sort, do rollups, averages, or whatever else you might want.

I’ve written an example Airtable for this here.

LEN returns 2 for 4-byte UTF-8 encoded characters

It looks like Airtable just added such a field! You can even use it for calculations (like average) and configure how it looks like (with a pro account) and how far the rating scale goes. It seems to be only selectable as field type in the newest iOS app, but the webinterface displays the values and even lets you edit them.


Nice!! :sunglasses:
Quick and easy way of assigning a rating.
Strange that the field can be configured in the mobile app but not on the website.

Way to prevent new fields from appearing unhidden in all views

Hey everyone, we’ve officially launched the rating field type today!


When setting up the rating field, you can customize the maximum number of stars (from 1 to 10). If you’re on a Pro plan, you can also change the default yellow star symbol to a different color/symbol. When you hover your cursor over a cell in a rating field, it will show the maximum number of symbols in gray. To give a rating or change a rating, simply click the appropriate number of symbols. You can also use the numbers on your keyboard to set ratings.

Pretty straightforward, though if you have questions, feel free to reach out via support!


Hi Katherine - if my workspace is open to more than one person, is it possible for all of us to rate the field? And then the cell displays an average answer of the participants? Therefore I have a visual representation of what the team think of the content in that row etc…