Start calendar view on mondays

I tried to change browser language, location and computer settings, but calendar weeks still starts with sunday. Computers calendar starts with monday automatically, but airtables still starts with sunday


this is default behaviour of Airtable and there is no option to change it at the moment. We are desperately waiting for this simple option as in real production environment constant checking of the day of the week slows you down.
So, if there is any Airtable developer around – please add this to app preferences.


Found this little workaround : Remove 1 day to the date time format.

Hope this help.

DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({Date ID}, -1, ‘days’),‘w’)

CMV-I also want my calendar view to start with Monday. Where do I enter this formula to try it?

Hi! Is this being worked on? I too need to be able to start my calendar on Mondays…thanks!

Please email about adding this into the product. About 50% of the world’s countries (including all of Europe) start their calendar weeks on Mondays (instead of Sundays), and another 10-20% of the world’s countries start their calendar weeks on Saturdays (instead of Sundays). It would be great for Airtable to support these countries.

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Europe starts their weeks on Monday, I think you confused the days of the week in your post.

Changing the calendar view to start the weeks on Monday was no problem. The solution with the language local of the browser works here.

But yes, the actual calendar of the date field to add a date to a field still starts with Sunday. It’s very frustrating and making mistakes and choosing the wrong date is so easy >_<

Oops, I did mean Monday in my post! I just changed it. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yep, not working here either. I have an iphone here configured in/as Dutch. A date picker in an Airtable form in its Safari browser shows Sundays first. So easy to pick the wrong date now for unsuspecting users.

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Everybody, we need your help! Can you please fill out this Airtable form in your browser and register the first day you see in the date pickers?

Regardless of browser or computer settings, Airtable still shows Sunday as the first day when picking a date. It’s so weird to see that behaviour here in Europe. It even seems like a bug in Airtable.

After years, I’m still wishing the option of starting weeks on Mondays gets implemented one day…

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Terrible . But this problem has not been resolved for several years.

I have changed all the regional settings on the computer and in the browser, but I always have Sunday as the first day of the week.

@Adam_Minich @Jordan_Scott1
AirTable team why aren’t you solving this problem? Please help