Start time & end time for event

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m very new here and I’m still trying to learn this immense platform.

I just attached the image of what I am working on.
I would love Airtable to pick up the duration of each topic and update the start and end
For example “hosting introduction” is 3 mins, starts at 12:00pm and finish at 12:03pm The next topic is “industry updates” and it will last 7 mins starting from 12:03 til 12:10.

Does anyone know a formula that will calculate the time?

Thank you so much to everyone who will read this :smile:

Welcome to the community @Diletta_D_Arrigo!

You should be able to use the following formula to do exactly what you’re looking for:

DATEADD({Start Formula}, Duration, 'seconds')

This will add the duration to the start formula to calculate the end time. Do keep an eye out that the formatting between the different columns is the same. You may get wonky-looking results if one is on 12 vs. 24-hour time or GMT vs. your local time zone.

If this answers your question, please consider marking it as “solution”. If not, I’m happy to work with you further. Thanks!

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