Storing large amounts of data

Hi all,

For custom apps what is the recommendation for storing large amounts of data?

For example:
If I was building Page Designer, where would I store the whole page designed by the user?


Hi @Ashwin_P! Your best bet is probably globalConfig - that’s what Page Designer uses to store the page layout. Global config is best suited for data that is:

  • specific to your app
  • shared between all users of your app
  • relates to the schema of the base, but not record-specific information

It’s limited to around 100kb of data though - so it very much depends on how large your “large” is. The reason we suggest not using it for record-specific information is because on larger bases, you’ll very quickly pass that limit. If the data you’re storing relates to a specific record, you might be better of creating a field for your user and storing it there instead.

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