Streamlining creation of many-to-many relationships



I’ve got a base for recipes and ingredients, and it works quite well. I’m able to generate my shopping list by clicking the names of recipes I want to make–this necessitates a recipe-ingredient table for tracking the quantity of ingredients used per recipe. Unfortunately, this means that inputting new recipes that use new ingredients becomes quite tedious.

When I input a new recipe, rather than adding references to the ingredients table, I have to add references to the recipe-ingredient table, and from there, add references to the ingredient table, each time creating new records as I do so. This means I have to go through multiple levels of clicking “create a new record” just to say that the recipe I’m creating uses an ingredient that I haven’t seen before.

I do get that it’s not a trivial feature to add, and I don’t have any specific UI requests for this myself, but in general I was thinking it would be great if I didn’t have to go through two dozen presses of “create new record” every time I discover a new way to cook a steak.