Stuck on Facilities Management Template Anyone Help?



I have been exploring the Facilities Management template which is brilliant. But im stuck on the Maintenance tab. Every time I try to enter data in one of the fields an ERROR message appears.

Does anyone have experience with this great template and how I can overcome this obstacle?



It’s going to throw an error until you fill in the “Date and Time” field. Once you fill in that field, the #ERROR! will disappear and you’ll see a normal name.

This happens because the “Maintenance Name” field is using a formula that attempts to change the formatting of the Date from the “Date and Time” field, and the particular function they use to do that (DATESTR()) will throw an error if there is no date for it to operate on.

You can change the way that field operates, if you don’t like it throwing an error when the “Date and TIme” is missing - but I have a feeling that you will always want to fill in the “Date and Time” field anyways for a Maintenance record, so having the #ERROR! there can be a good reminder that you’ve inadvertently left it blank.


Hey Jeremy

I tried that and it worked. Thanks man.