Stumbled at the first hurdle with Appsheet

Has someone in the community created an Appsheet App sourcing Airtable data, where access is limited only to the data associated with the app registered user (surely a fundamental use case!)?

I cannot get it to work.

I have created an Appsheet app linked to a single Airtable table.
All looks okay after making the initial connection. I have a single list view which displays my Airtable data, completely unfiltered.

I then tried to set up the user access restriction. Go to Security section (in Appsheet) and create a security filter where email column in Airtable = USEREMAIL().

Save. And now my app is broken. Message is:
Unable to fetch app definition. Error: Data table ‘’ is not accessible due to: Error executing AirTable operation. Status code: 422.

When I remove the filter this error goes away.


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