Stumped: How to return an age (date difference) in months plus days

I am trying to create a formula to return the difference in time between two dates in terms of the number of months and number of days. For example, being age “8 months 3 days.”

This is the formula I came up with so far, but this direction doesn’t get me an accurate return since not every month has exactly 30 days in it:

(DATETIME_DIFF({DATE},‘2 Feb 2020’,‘M’)) & " mos " & ((DATETIME_DIFF({DATE},‘2 Feb 2020’, ‘d’))-(DATETIME_DIFF({DATE},‘2 Feb 2020’, ‘M’))*30) & " days "

Any ideas? Maybe I need to start over using different functions?

Got it! I’m posting my solution here, in case anyone else is interested. This formula will accurately return an age as “X months, X days.”

(DATETIME_DIFF({DATE}, ‘2 FEB 2020’, ‘months’) ) & ’ mos, ’ & (DATETIME_DIFF((DATEADD({DATE}, -(DATETIME_DIFF({DATE}, ‘2 FEB 2020’, ‘months’) ), ‘month’)), ‘2 Feb 2020’, ‘days’)) & ’ days’


  • {DATE} refers to a column containing the date of the event.
  • Replace ‘2 FEB 2020’ with the birthday.
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