Sub-record or Parent-Record for Gantt


When project planning we have major activities, and within these many smaller activities, some only spanning a few hours or a day.

When plotting everything and just grouping it in let’s say Pre-production or Marketing, we find that in the Gantt chart we only see a lot of chopped up activities and no real “span”.

We’d like to see some kind of grouping that would be made permanent. Let’s say for example a Parent record, and with the possibility to within it add extra records.

That way “marketing” on the Gantt chart could span 1 month while the records in the marketing span for a day or two, with the possibility to “open” the marketing record and see the activities and how they’re interrelated inside.

It would also be good for our other records. We have for example a music release, an album consisting of 11 songs. We can group in the grid view, but when looking at it in the gallery view for example, we see the cover of one release about 11 times. There are tricky ways one can tweak and get around.

This simple feature though would be amazing!