Sub-tables? (Categories within Task Management)


Hi, new user so apologies if this is obvious (though I did read through the tutorial and search around FAQs/forums…) Is there a way to have sub-categories within one sheet? For example, on a Task Management sheet, I would like to be able to have “hiring people” and “contacting people” etc. as sub categories-- they’re not (yet) big enough categories to warrant having separate Tables-- I’d just like to be able to see them on this one table.


Not sure that’s the right answer, but why don’t you just create a column type Single select and create 2 or more options, Hiring people, Contacting people, …

Hope it answers your questions.


Hi Eliza -
How did you end up resolving this one? I went ahead and made a separate table, but because the subtask is the “Name” field, it appears sort of backwards, with the columns like this:

It’s sort of hard to follow, because the logical flow is the hierarchy Component - Annual task - Subtask, but I can’t display it that way because the Name field can’t be moved.
Any suggestions?


Hi Bernie -
Is the assumption here that there would be multiple records per task, so:
Task1 — Hiring people
Task1 — Contacting people
Trying to design this at the same time make it easy to read.My example follows Eliza’s.