Submit PDF forms as attachment

Very new to this.

Is there a way to create a fill-able form for my employees to fill out and submit. When they submit it, I’d like it to show up as an attachment next to their name in their row. I don’t want to create a new row for each form submission because it’ll add up quick with everyone doing weekly forms.

My employees have to fill out a form every week and submit that so I need a way to keep track of who submitted/when and keep them all together.

Thank you!


Is there a reason you wouldn’t create a table for “Employees” and a table for “Weekly Form”. The you could create a form for each employee that populates the “Weekly Form” table and relates each form submission to the individual employee.

This would give you a searchable database of all the form entries that a particular employee has submitted.

I agree with @Mac on this. If you give each employee a custom URL that pre-fills their name (or pre-selects them from a multi-select list of all employees in an [Employees] table), matching forms to employees will be very easy, plus it will be a lot easier to review the form contents compared to shuffling through a host of attachments.