Substitution formula help

Hey guys,

I’m hoping someone can help me - I’m such a beginner at formulas!

I am creating a table to hold all my email campaign data. At the moment I’m logging all my data fields.

What I need is a formula that will take a field make like ‘full name’ and turn it into a personalization tag, so the space needs to disappear, it needs to be in caps and I need a % sign at each end, so it would end up looking like this: %FULLNAME%.

I don’t have the very first clue how to go about this so any help you can give me would be pathetically gratefully received.

Thanks in advance!

Katie x

Hi there! Try this…

IF({Field}, UPPER("%" & SUBSTITUTE({Field}, " ", "") & "%"))

Hope that helps!



That’s amazing, thank you so much.

Can I trouble you to show me how I’d adjust that formula so that instead f getting rid of the spaces, it adds an underscore instead? It would be very helpful for my table, and I think it would help me to see two different formulae and see how they change.

No worries if you don’t have time though, you’ve already been amazingly helpful <3

That would be
IF({Field}, UPPER("%" & SUBSTITUTE({Field}, " ", “_”) & “%”))

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