Subtract value of just above and below row


I have a system of daily count and need to check previous day count and today count to get how much used .
Is there anyway i cud perform functions between rows .atleast auto copy or subtract for two rows ?


It sounds like you want your table to act like a spreadsheet, but unfortunately it won’t. The default Grid view for tables makes them feel like spreadsheets, so I totally get where you’re coming from. However, database tables are operationally very different beasts. Field formulas can only see and act on data in the same record (row), not between records.

If you simply want to tally all of the daily count values, look a the bottom of your table. Assuming your count field is a Number type, it should default to showing you a sum of all the values.

What would be cool is if there were a “countdown” option in that summary area. It would be like an extension of the Sum option: it would add all the values in the column, subtract them from a starting value that you specify, and show you what remains. I can see that being a useful feature in many situations. Maybe I’ll toss that in the Product Suggestions category.