[Suggestion] Date Range Picker


I create a leave form where an employee can select the start and end date. But as per the current functionally it is not possible with Airtable Form.

There should have an option where the user can select the date range.


Could you please provide more detail on why this setup doesn’t work for your use case? I’m guessing you want to do more with the selected dates, but your current description doesn’t make that clear.

The current setup is working fine. But it’s not a well-defined solution. If the employee selects the wrong date the calculation is becoming wrong in our database. And at that time we need to edit and manage those things manually.

Even our team fills it’s inappropriate solution where they can select the previous date in the return filed.

So it’s the lack of validation between the two fields that is the biggest issue. Thanks for that clarification. I agree that Airtable could use more validation options for certain field types or field combinations.

One possible alternative would be to use a different form system that has the validation you seek, and which can send the data to Airtable after it’s been validated. One option in that vein is JotForm. One of their included widgets is called “Check In Check Out.” While its labeling is initially designed for making reservations, the widget allows you to customize the labels for the date selectors, so you can label them “Start From” and “Return On.” That said I haven’t used this widget myself, so I’m not sure how its output would feed into Airtable, but it might be worth a look.

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